SaaS Development

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SaaS Development

To increase productivity, guarantee safety, and boost performance, the Speehive business fleet management system includes a number of operational and compliance support modules.

Streamlined SaaS Development

HSQE and Vetting Manager

It might be challenging to create a culture of compliance and safety. Integrated tools for reporting, risk assessment, and simpler decision-making make change management and risk mitigation easier with Nautical Systems HSQE and Vetting Manager.

Transportation Supervisor

Operational pressures and staff workloads are increasing while marine transportation remains as competitive as ever. Maritime professionals may streamline processes on board for voyage reporting, environmental compliance reporting, charter party compliance, and vessel performance analysis with ABS Wavesight’s Nautical Systems Voyage Manager.

Maintenance Management

Reliability of equipment and improved cost management are critical in light of the growing competitiveness in marine shipping. An intelligent and user-friendly software platform called Nautical Systems Maintenance Manager makes it possible to schedule maintenance more strategically in order to save money and downtime.

Crew and Payroll Manager

Maritime shipping requires a large staff to be managed. With its user-friendly dashboards that facilitate staff scheduling, international compensation, inspections and drills, training and certifications, and inspections, Nautical Systems staff and Payroll Manager makes it simple.


Insight leverages data across all modules to expose hidden opportunities and metrics that can be used to improve safety, performance and finances.

Document Manager

It might be challenging to share data throughout your fleet when employees are dispersed around the world. All components may be integrated with Nautical Systems Document Manager, which makes managing and distributing any and all important documents simple and effective.

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Our Process

Greetings from a cutting-edge and highly efficient nautical era. Our SaaS solution, which offers cutting-edge technology and customised solutions to advance your business, is intended to completely transform the way the marine sector functions.

Research and Analysis:

Learn as much as you can about the marine sector in order to pinpoint the precise requirements, difficulties, and possibilities that will guide the creation of our SaaS solution.

Design and Planning:

Provide a thorough strategy for the SaaS platform that outlines its essential features, functionality, and user experience concerns in cooperation with stakeholders and industry experts.

Development and Testing:

Build and test the SaaS platform using agile development approaches to make sure functionality, scalability, and security satisfy user needs and industry standards.

Integration & Customisation:

Integrate the SaaS solution with current systems and technologies to improve efficiency and optimise operations while also tailoring it to the particular needs of marine enterprises.

User Support and Training:

Give users thorough instruction on how to use the SaaS platform efficiently. You should also provide resources, troubleshooting help, and continuing support to ensure maximum adoption and success.
  • Money and time You may save a significant amount of money on STAR system maintenance and monitoring by using STAR Cloud Services, which also frees up important internal resources.
  • Easy to use Because the SAAS solution may be hosted in several locations, latency can be decreased and user experience improved.
  • Safe incorporation Integrated authentication and highly secure VPN connections enable integration with your environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Designed to meet the unique requirements of the marine industry, maritime software as a service (SaaS) provides features and tools that improve productivity and efficiency in the sector.
SaaS technology may help marine companies by delivering real-time data insights, fostering better teamwork and communication, streamlining logistics, and raising overall performance standards.
With strong encryption mechanisms and data protection measures in place to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information, data security is a major focus for maritime SaaS providers.
Real-time tracking capabilities, automatic reporting tools, interaction with current systems, scalability for expansion, and user-friendly interfaces designed for marine experts are important elements to take into account.
Maritime businesses may easily incorporate SaaS solutions by offering staff assistance and training, tailoring the platform to fit certain workflows, and making sure it works with current systems.
Complete support services, such as onboarding help, technical support, frequent upgrades and maintenance, and access to tools for optimising the platform’s value, are provided by maritime SaaS suppliers.

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