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Product Development

From idea to market, Speehive will offer a complete approach to assist start-ups in the marine industry. Based on the present prototype network and business support ecosystem, this technique will combine the creation of an acceleration programme, the capabilities and strategy of prototyping, and the attraction of some of the most promising ideas and concepts in the maritime industry. 

Product Development

Web App

One of the most comprehensive application categories, cloud-stored, and user-friendly. Through their browsers, all of your global partners, consumers, and staff may utilise your web apps, which are quick and robust.

Mobile App

A smartphone is the most widely used gadget. It follows that adding a mobile app to your clients’ daily lives is a logical fit. A web application and a mobile app can occasionally be integrated to provide a more complex user experience or to divide it out according to membership type.

Messenger Chatbots

A sophisticated solution to some jobs involving staff data collection and interdepartmental communication may be provided by the chatbot. Because many people already use messengers and bots in their everyday lives, it’s simple to incorporate and accustom individuals to using them.

Data Science

The idea of “data science,” which encompasses data preparation, analysis, and purification, is applied to big data. A data scientist collects data from many sources and uses sentiment analysis, predictive analytics, and machine learning to extract important information from the gathered data sets.


In your preferred ERP or self-written client systems, there are important tasks that must be completed. Our micro-application system is modular in nature. Integration of several systems and APIs, including self-written client accounting systems!

Digital Advisory

In order to grow their business, Speehive assists customers in revitalising their online presence and developing new channels. Both strategy and tactics are handled by us. We develop a trustworthy transformation roadmap and put it into action using the objectives and ambitions of our clients.

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Our Process

Greetings from the cutting edge of innovative marine IT. Our innovative IT product development methodology aims to usher in a new age of quality and efficiency for the marine sector.

Research and Discovery:

Carry out in-depth study to comprehend the unique requirements and difficulties faced by the marine sector, spotting areas that might use innovation and development.

Conceptualization and Planning:

Work together with stakeholders to identify project objectives, lay out a schedule of work, and set important development milestones for the IT product.

Design and Prototyping:

Create wireframes and prototypes in response to user feedback, making sure the design complies with usability, functionality, and industry standards.

Development and Testing:

To construct the IT product, use agile development approaches with an emphasis on scalability, security, and performance optimisation. To guarantee quality, carry out thorough testing.

Deployment & Integration:

Give people the necessary training to ensure a smooth transition, deploy the IT product gradually, and integrate it smoothly with current systems.
  • A Comprehensive Suite of Services: USP Maritime provides a comprehensive suite of services for a wide range of marine assets, from concept design to ship maintenance and decommissioning, demonstrating a holistic approach to maritime solutions
  • Current Engineering Consultancy:USP Maritime is positioned as a cutting-edge engineering consultant that offers customised solutions and services to address the changing demands of clients. It delivers innovation and experience to the maritime sector.
  • Possibilities for Growth and Development: Stressing a dedication to both personal and professional development, USP Maritime offers exceptional opportunity for challenge, growth, and career development. It gives the proper people a platform to flourish and advance within the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When developing new products for the maritime sector, special considerations must be made for things like maritime engineering, maritime safety, international legislation, and particular operating needs.
Innovation is essential to the development of marine products because it promotes sustainability, efficiency, and safety while resulting in the development of state-of-the-art solutions that satisfy changing industry demands.
To guarantee the quality and dependability of nautical products, strict testing protocols, industry standards compliance, and ongoing feedback loops are necessary.
Maritime product development projects can have different timelines depending on their complexity, but they usually entail many months to years of stages such as research, design, prototype, testing, and implementation.
The marine industry’s future expansion and technological improvements are taken into consideration, modular components are integrated, and adaptable solutions that can adapt to changing requirements are designed to ensure scalability and adaptability.

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